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The playoffs might not be in the Pittsburgh Steelers future but that isn’t going to stop this team from playing hard every week. This week the Steelers come back home to take on the Baltimore Ravens and look to extend their current win streak to three. But as the enteral pessimist, I have concerns. Here are the three big ones.

Lamar Jackson ends up playing

1670343484 611 Steelers vs Ravens 3 early causes for concern this week

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Until he is listed as out, I will worry that Lamar Jackson will find a way to get on the field and play on Sunday. The Ravens are in a battle for the AFC North and if he can play, you know it will.

Lamar Jackson ends up not playing

1670343484 187 Steelers vs Ravens 3 early causes for concern this week

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If Jackson doesn’t play, the entire dynamic of the Ravens offense changes. Will the Steelers be ready for it? Is the unknown going to be enough to throw off the defense?

T.J. Watt’s injuries

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Mike Tomlin characterized linebacker T.J. Watt as beat up after last week’s game. Watt is still recovering from a partially torn pectoral and had injured ribs last week. The Steelers defense is a shell of itself when Watt isn’t on the field.