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It’s about time somebody exposes Media Matters


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Yes. Happy Taco Tuesday. The port-a-potty is right over there. All right. There’s been a lot of talk among Dems about misinformation and disinformation. Basically, any sort of information that doesn’t help a Democrat get elected, also known as the truth in the eyes of the Dems. The story of Hunter’s abandoned laptop had to be misinformation because it threatened Joe Biden’s candidacy. So they manipulated social media to quash the story. They suspended it, banned anybody who talked about it. They called it Russian disinformation. And it worked. And they got the result they wanted. A reject from a Balance of Nature ad in the White House. 

But that wasn’t enough, especially now that Elon Musk has bought their favorite toy, Twitter, and turned it into something called X. So now Musk must be stopped. Enter Media Matters. On Friday, they put out a report saying Nazi content ran on the app alongside corporate ads from major companies like IBM, Apple and Oracle. And so a bunch of companies suspended their ads on X. But now Musk is suing Media Matters, saying they manufactured the report. Apparently these companies were duped, like someone who bought Girl Scout cookies from Dylan Mulvaney. Be happy that’s all you bought.


But before we go any further, we should clarify what Media Matters really is. In case you don’t know. See, they’re this left-wing group funded by wealthy leftists while dishonestly positioning themselves as an impartial media watchdog. But the only part of that title that’s true is the dog part, because it made Chris Cuomo interviewing his brother seem impartial. Those were the days. 

 So why is this important? Because the mainstream media uses Media Matters, knowing that the public has no idea what it is and they won’t bother to check that it’s a front to silence people, specifically conservatives. But there’s really only one entity that’s worse than media matters. It’s the orbit of parasitic blogs — Mediaite, The Daily Beast, The Independent, Huffington Post, CNN’s Reliable Sources — who grab the Media Matters stories, add a few words to avoid plagiarism, and then repost them. They lie by telling only part of the truth. You know, it’s like when Joe Mackey says he ate at a food truck and it turns out to be an ice cream truck. 

This amplify universe of lazy hacks feeds off one bowl of outrage Kibble. And because Fox is its target, we’ve kept more clowns employed than Barnum and Bailey. FNC might as well cut checks to these *** polyps directly. It’s kept Brian Stelter floating in a sea of Twinkies and The Daily Beast from going back to their old jobs making lattes. 

So what did Media Matters do this time? Well, according to the lawsuit, first Media Matters went on X and followed a small subset of users from one of two categories those who post fringe content and big name advertisers. Then they kept refreshing the hand-selected feed until it got the result that it wanted. Controversial content next to paid posts from X’s largest advertisers. Then they took screenshots of it, claimed it was organic, and published an article about it. And this quickly panicked the cowardly advertisers, including IBM, Apple, Disney, Warner Brothers and Paramount. And so they fled like women when Keith Olbermann asked for their number. 

It’s worth pointing out that some real journalists, Michael Shellenberger and his team at Public, tried to replicate Media Matters research and they couldn’t. So these advertisers fell for the ruse because they’re too scared and lazy to take a stand. Those company stockholders should be pissed and those companies should be embarrassed for pulling their ads based on made up *********. If you acted on what Media Matters told you, you should be fired. Taking directions from them on anything related to speech is like learning to freestyle rap from Joe Biden. 

So now Musk is hitting Media Matters with, quote, a thermonuclear lawsuit for the fraudulent attack. But that’s not all. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is opening an investigation, saying it’s extremely troubled by these allegations and Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey is also joining the fight promising Musk he’s investigating Media Matters as well. 

So why is this important? Because Media Matters is a hard left smear machine, yet it’s one coddled by the press who use that content to build their own crap. You may not have heard of Media Matters until today, but you can bet your liberal pals read their stuff regularly. Since CNN hacks like Stelter and Oliver Darcy rely on their fodder, they simply called the outfit a watchdog group. 


Media matters became their necessary but brain damaged henchman, a stupid, careless brute that does the dirty work that these lazy saps won’t do. So Media Matters, assuming they could get away with it, went after the richest, most capable man on earth, one with deeper pockets than most countries. But like Hamas, they went too far. And now you see the hacks circling the wagons.

So why did Media Matters go after Musk in the first place? Because he’s a threat by caring only about the freedom of the press, which is exposing how vile these leftists are. So they need to take him out. 

Right now, leftists are taking to the streets of America chanting antisemitic hate, tearing down posters of Jewish hostages, mainstream media repeats the lies of Hamas while second guessing everything Israel says and does when Jews are being barricaded inside college classrooms, I don’t see any Trump hats. If anybody’s acting like Nazis, it’s the left, i.e. Media Matters’ own team. So they’re doing what Nazis do, meaning they’ll do anything to destroy an enemy, even when what they call the enemy is actually their own country. 


So I am so here for this. And you should be too, because it’s about time somebody exposes Media Matters until they don’t matter anymore. And although I’m no legal scholar, my money is on the guy who builds rockets, not lies.

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