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Household of the Dragon Twist Improvements Significant Demise in Recreation of Thrones Historical past

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house of the dragon episode 6 rheanyra laenor

As a result of the initially 6 episodes of Property of the Dragon, the Recreation of Thrones prequel series has followed its resource content fairly intently. The functions of the sequence have mirrored all those in George R.R. Martin’s Fire & Blood, albeit with some slight variants or added explanation right here and there. What the demonstrate hasn’t done, nonetheless, is wholly adjust something from its supply substance, altering Video game of Thrones record in the method. That improved in the course of Sunday night’s new episode. 

WARNING: This report includes major spoilers from the latest episode of House of the Dragon! Proceed reading at your personal risk… 

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In the story laid out in Fireplace & Blood, Laena and Laenor Velaryon die all around the identical time. We observed Laena die in last week’s episode of the series, which intended that Laenor wasn’t too significantly driving. Following all, his demise in the reserve sets in movement some sizeable occasions that condition the rest of the story. Significantly to the surprise of anyone, however, Property of the Dragon opted to hold Laenor alive, revealing his safety in a stunning twist at the conclusion of “Driftmark.”

In the episode, Daemon and Rhaenyra converse about marrying just one an additional to solidify their line, even though they couldn’t do that with Laenor in the picture. Rhaenyra even would seem to acknowledge that signifies killing her spouse. While the two have in no way been romantic with one other, she has normally cared for him, so this felt out of character, at the very least for a couple of minutes. The montage that follows shows Daemon approaching Ser Qarl Correy, Laenor’s lover and the person who kills him in the e-book. Daemon then kills a random slave and Qarl attacks Laenor, top to a duel in front of a servant. That servant goes to get assist, and that moment will allow the whole system to work.

Corlys and Rhaenys pull a burnt physique out of the fireplace, believing it to be Laenor’s. And it seems as even though the long run King Consort is truly useless. But we then understand that it was all a set up. Laenor is then witnessed with a shaved head, rowing with Qarl out to a larger sized boat, where by he will sail out to sea as an anonymous man. His phony demise enables him to be absolutely free, when also letting Rhaenyra and Daemon to get married and attempt to rule together.

What Occurs to Laenor Velaryon?

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With this trickery from Rhaenyra and Daemon, the Targaryen line receives to continue as laid out in Fireplace & Blood, but it also permits Laenor to keep his daily life. This suggests that he could arrive back and be included the story at some stage later in the series. If there’s any variety of spinoff from House of the Dragon, he could also be involved in that.

The fact is, it is really really hard to know what’s going to happen to Laenor at this place. A lot like the closing two seasons of Recreation of Thrones, this is uncharted territory. There is certainly no point out of Laenor perhaps currently being alive, which permits for infinite options with his long run.

What did you imagine of Property of the Dragon‘s most up-to-date twist? Permit us know in the remarks!

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