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GREG GUTFELD: Universities are turning into hate machines


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Well, it’s been one month since Hamas butchered 1400 Jews and kidnapped hundreds more. But who would have thought that the ire would turn toward the victims? We did. We saw it coming. Even here in the country that stopped Hitler. I mean, I didn’t dream that, right? This is the country that stopped Hitler, right? So have we crossed a line into unknown territory where you can’t return? Is it temporary or is it permanent? Let’s recap where we are in America in November 2023. A Muslim woman in Indianapolis drove her car into the local headquarters of the Black Hebrew Israelites because she thought it was a Jewish school. She’s so dumb, she thought they were less antisemitic than she is. And what’s ironic is, if they had their way, the people she’s defending wouldn’t even allow her to drive. Well, at least they have one good idea.


Jewish students at the Cooper Union in Manhattan were chased into a library by rioters who pounded on doors and chanted for the murder of Jews. Probably the first time those ignorant a**holes figured out where the library was. At Harvard, a Jewish student was assaulted for photographing people at the pro-Hamas die-in. You know, that’s where people lay on the ground and pretend to be dead. You can train a dog to do that, and it doesn’t cost 50 grand a year. But you got to hand it to these bastards. It takes balls to defend the actions of Hamas by staging a die-in, which looks a lot like what hundreds of Hamas victims didn’t stage at the desert rave. This is happening at countless American universities. So when do we stop calling them universities and start calling them what they really are – hate machines. Across the country, the tearing down of posters of kidnaped Israelis continues. 

When the only poster anyone should tear down is this one: “Appearing Tonight Joe Machi.” One recent video shows a man asking two people who had torn down a poster for a vigil for those abducted by Hamas why they tore it down. Finally, this loser says, “Because it didn’t need to be there.” But she does this while eating a bagel. Tearing down a poster of kidnapped Jews while eating a bagel. That’s like committing an Asian hate crime on your way to Benihana. This weekend, antisemitic rioters tried to scale the White House fence and smeared it with graffiti. Blood-red handprints, which are still there. I guess these people really are fans of Hamas. They also kept saying f*** Joe Biden. OK, even a broken clock is right twice a day. I wonder if when Jill heard that chant, she opened a window and yelled, “I just did and I think he’s dead” But how about that double standard? The liberal media freaked out about the chant “Let’s go, Brandon” but now they go silent about terrorist sympathizers screaming for blood right in front of the White House. I wonder if any of these lib journalists ever go home and say to themselves in the mirror, “Jesus, I’m a fraud.” But for them, protesters are only a problem if they’re wearing MAGA hats. 


And now an elderly Jewish man named Paul Kessler was killed during a confrontation with pro-Palestinian protesters in California. The medical examiner has ruled his death a homicide. My guess is that you’ll see the media do the reverse of what they do with police shootings. They’ll urge restraint and say, hey, let’s not inflame the public, you know, which is fine if they employed that all the damn time but they don’t. It’s only when it doesn’t fit their oppressed versus oppressor mindset. Then they sweep it under the rug. Now, compare all these pro-Palestinian protests to the Jewish ones. Last night on the Upper West Side of Manhattan thousands held a peaceful vigil for Israel. Nobody was injured. Nothing was vandalized. Nobody screamed for the extermination of an entire people. Yet the peaceful protesters are hated by our elites. While unhinged, violent protesters are excused. Maybe it’s an age thing. Palestinian protesters are mostly younger, Jewish supporters older. Which raises the question– Isn’t this chaos what happens when adults leave the room?

Israel and Palestinian rallies

Pro-Israeli and Palestinian protesters rally on college campuses.  ((Getty Images))

 We know younger generations are more extreme and naive in their beliefs. It’s all passion and ego, minus the wisdom. But the Dems didn’t bother to rein in their young. Instead, they encouraged it, probably because they feared being canceled or worse, being called racist by these frothing brats. Remember when the libs excused violence as social justice in the summer of 2020? Suddenly looting and rioting were acceptable because it hadn’t hit their neighborhoods yet. But the aggrieved suddenly had the green light to rage against the machine and get a free PlayStation. So where do libs think this is going to go? Their woke monstrosities reject debate. They shut down free speech on campus, demand censorship, excuse looting and arson and promote violence. You don’t even have to look for it. It’s there for you to see. 


So it makes sense that if crowds now form, chanting pro-death slogans, they’re the victims, not the people Hamas had butchered. Talk about Biden taking his eye off the ball. He says white supremacy is the number one threat in America as if all those brown kids threatening Jews are MAGA supporters and their young white liberal supporters are Mormons. So they put targets on white oppressors and now even liberal Jews realize that includes them. It’s no wonder why Israel won’t agree to a cease-fire. The minute they drop their guard, more innocent women and children will be raped and murdered by these seventh-century savages. But the American liberals’ message to Jews remains the same – you’re on your own, now, where’s my bagel?

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