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Chicago residents explode with anger over migrants, sanctuary policies: ‘They are not listening’


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Chicago residents are expressing outrage over the Democrat-run sanctuary city continuing to be overwhelmed with illegal immigrants, putting a strain on resources and leaving less support for poorer neighborhoods. 

Former acting ICE Director Tom Homan joined “FOX & Friends” Wednesday to react to the latest instance of irate residents confronting local officials about the consequences of liberal policies toward migrants. 

“Do you as a resident of the City of Chicago believe that we should remain a sanctuary city?” asked 41st Ward Republican Alderman Anthony Napolitano at a city council meeting Tuesday.


The crowd responded by yelling a resounding “no” and erupting with boos and catcalls.

Chicago city council

Chicago city council faces residents angry about sanctuary policies toward migrants. (Fox News)

“We’re spending a lot of money every single day. We’re up to $40 million dollars a month,” said 9th Ward Alderman Anthony Beale, according to Fox 32.

A majority of the crowd was African American residents who were angry about how much money is being spent on illegal immigrants. 

“The most outrageous thing about it is the local community. I’ve been contacted by two pastors in the Black community who are up in arms, saying the Black community has been left behind,” said Homan. 

Homan compared how struggling Chicago residents are supported versus the illegal immigrants, who are receiving free meals and hotel rooms at taxpayers’ expense.

“The community is outraged and they should be,” he told co-host Lawrence Jones, adding that sanctuary policies make the community less safe.

“The sanctuary is for criminals. … That means local law enforcement can’t work with ICE agents to deport somebody who is a public safety threat. … For instance, an illegal alien commits a serious crime, gets booked in a jail. ICE isn’t even allowed to go into that jail and talk to them to put a detainer on to set them up for removal,” he said. 

Brandon Johnson, mayor of Chicago, during an inauguration ceremony at the Credit Union 1 Arena in Chicago on May 15, 2023.

Brandon Johnson, mayor of Chicago, during an inauguration ceremony at the Credit Union 1 Arena in Chicago on May 15, 2023. (Jamie Kelter Davis/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

City officials say the Windy City has accepted more than 19,000 migrants since August 2022, but they are not the only ones who will need assistance during the winter. There are over 68,000 Chicagoans experiencing homelessness, according to a recent study, the city says.

In a recent interview with FOX News host Jesse Watters, a Chicago resident expressed her dismay over migrants being housed at O’Hare Airport, police stations and even youth sports fields. The interview with Cata Truss came after an October city council meeting unfolded in similar fashion, as residents raged at new Democratic Mayor Brandon Johnson.

“They are not listening. …  In Chicago, it’s unfortunate that our elected officials have always taken us for granted, but we are tired of being taken for granted. We are standing up and we are fighting back,” Truss said.


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FOX News’ Alexander Hall contributed to this report.

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